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Our Design & Sampling team bring with them years of experience and knowledge to create on trend designs and turn them into high quality products.

The team can work closely with you and turn your designs from ideas into samples for your brand.

At Galaxy, our pattern cutting and grading specialist works alongside our software programmers to create your bespoke designs. We work with the two world leading manufacturers of knitting machines.


M1plus® pattern software is effective for producing patterns for a highly-optimized knitting process from cut and sew, fully fashion to intarsia and multi gauges knits.


SDS-One Apex3® can be used to design flat knitting patterns including structure patterns, intarsia patterns and jacquard patterns. It is an optimal design system for all types of knit production whatever the style.


Sourcing & Materials

Sourcing services include,

- Yarns

- Trims

- Foil & Colour Printing

- Embroidery

- Buttons

- Zips

- Pom Poms

- Embellished Trims

Yarns are sourced from Britain, Italy, France, Germany & Turkey.

Where applicable OEKO-TEX certificates can be provided.


You can select yarn from our recommended suppliers list by choosing from their shade cards or we can source a particular fibre for you.

- Acrylic

- Cotton

- Combed Cotton/Acrylic

- Slubbed Cotton/Acrylic

- Bright Acrylic

- Boucle

- Brushed Boucle

- Acrylic/Nylon

- Viscose/Nylon

- Viscose

- Chenille

- Eyelash

- Sequin

- Tape

- Cashmere

- Metallic Yarn

- Filigree

- Tape

- Wool

- Merino Wool

We can also use your yarn for production and sampling.



We have the two leading hand flat knitting machines in Stoll and Shima Sekhi that knit fully fashioned garments

The combination of both machines can knit a range of gauges

- 2.5

- 3.5

- 5

- 6

- 7

- 12

The factory holds machinery that allows us to knit 8000 - 10,000 garments a week accommodating a selection of different shapes and patterns such as

- Jacquards

- Intarsia

- Cables

- Arans

- Pointelles

- Stripes

- Frills

- Pleats

- Tuck & Rib

We also offer a knit only service. You can choose the yarn from our available stock service or source it yourself.



The make-up department has a range of machines that can put your designs together.

- Over-Locking

- Lock-Stitch

- Mock-Linking

- Button Hole

- Button Sew

- Strapping

- Mending

- Zips & Pockets

- Labelling & Branding

Our experienced team ensure the products fit your specifications and design requirements including any branded labelling you may need.

Following the make up, your products are sent to the pressing department for a final steam to set the garments in accordance to the approved size specification.

Once the products has been steamed, the garments are rested and are ready for the final inspection.



Products are checked at all stages of production. It is an imperative part of our process and helps ensure any defects are picked up as quickly and as early as possible to ensure that quality is kept to the highest standard. 


A final inspection is then carried out before the products are packed.

The packaging process includes

- Attaching Swing Tickets

- Attaching Disclaimers

- Hanging/Flat Pack

- Barcode Labelling

- Boxed

- Palletised



The world of fashion and is forever changing and we pride ourselves in achieving short delivery lead times.


Our typical lead times are between three to five weeks from receiving the yarn.


Lead times for repeat production varies between two to three weeks.

We can distribute nationally and internationally.

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